Brenda NACHUAH Lawyer


Associate Professor

Université de Douala  

Intérêts de recherche / Research Interests

Curriculum development Teaching and research in higher education University Governance Effective teaching Pedagogy


Description de la recherche / Description of my general area of expertise

My research works are centered curriculum development and teaching (effective teaching). The traditional methods of teaching are no longer sufficient and efficient to help learners acquire the necessary skills to proffer solutions to contemporary societal problems. For effective learning to take place in the 21st century, teaching must change from teacher centered to learner centered strategies. The big question is whether our teachers, both those in the field and those we train are well equipped to face the present-day challenges.

Recently became interested in the internally displaced children especially in line with their continuing school. In many countries affected by conflict such as Cameroon, internal displacement and refugees places huge strains on the already inadequate education facilities and many displaced children miss out on their schooling. Internally displaced children face significant challenges in exercising their right to education, from infrastructure, capacity and resource constraints to persistent insecurity, social tensions and discrimination. This creates a foundation for the conscription of young school dropouts and inhibits efforts towards sustainable peace. Therefore, an urgent need for more proactive steps by education authorities to develop national pedagogic plans for relief or emergency education is required.

From some of the research work I carried out, recommendations have been made for the revision, modification and in some cases renewal of the syllabuses for teacher training schools in Cameroon. The findings of the research paper on Curriculum Implementation in the 21st Century Classroom: Dynamics and Challenges for Cameroon Education Sector suggested that teachers are not sufficiently prepared in training to take charge of the 21st century classroom, classrooms are ill-adapted to technologies, and the fact that content of the curriculum impedes implementation.

I am also interested in environmental education which focuses on environment and sustainable Development. Describe the various ways of sustainable use of the environmental resources and illustrates the various ways of managing and conserving the environment.

Diplômes sélectionnés / Academic profile

 2013 : PhD Curriculum Studies and Teaching, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.  
 2009 : Master of Education (M.Ed.) Curriculum Studies and Teaching, University of Buea  
2006 : Postgraduate Diploma in Education(PGDE), University of Buea  
 1995 : B.A. (Hons) Geography, University of Yaounde 1  
 1992 : G.C.E. Advanced level, Government High School Limbe  

Récompenses / Awards

11th march 2009 : Certificate of Merit in Recognition of Meritorious Services rendered to the University of Buea.


A- Ouvrages / Books
  1. Lawyer, B. N. (2021). Pedagogic Practices For 21st Century Teachers. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. Germany.
B- Chapitre d'ouvrages / Book Chapter
  1. Lawyer, B. N. & Ngwa E. S. (2021). The covid -19 pandemic lock- down and the paradigm shift in lecture Delivery methods in Cameroon universities: problems and prospects in Nivedita D. K & Ngalim A. N. , Covid – 19 Impact on Education and Beyond. Pg Vij Publishing Group, New Delhi.
C- Articles dans les journaux / Articles in journals
  1. Lawyer, B N (2021), Competence-Based Education and Teacher Education Effectiveness: Lessons for the University of Buea, Cameroon. American Research Journal of Humanities & Social Science (ARJHSS)Vol 04, Issue-01, pp 09-22, January-2021
  2. Lawyer, B N (2020), Conceptualizing professional ethics, norms and standards for teachers in the twenty first (21st) Century: Lessons from the Cameroon context. International Journal of Educational Research and Review (ISSN: 2756-4789) Vol. 1(3) pp. 059-072, December, 2020
  3. Ngwa, E. S. and Lawyer, B.N.(2020), The Competency-based Approach in Public Universities in Anglophone Cameroon: Implications for the Tuning Africa Project. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies. 10(4): 38-59, October 2020
  4. Lawyer, B N (2020). Education of Internally Displaced People (IDPS) and Refugees: The Need for the Development of a National Relief Education Pedagogy in Cameroon. Greener Journal of Education and Training Studies, 6(1), 1-13. July 2020
  5. Bongwong, B. and Diangha B. N.L. (2020). The Effect of Whatsapp Use
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  10. Lawyer, B N (2017), The Role of Technical and Vocational Education in Economic Development: Challenges and Prospects for Cameroon. African Journal Of Social Sciences Vol 8, No 7, pp (54 – 65),

Encadrements / Theses supervised

A- Thèses co-encadrées / Co–Supervised PhD Theses
  1. Ndansi Silvia Timben, Topic: Psychosociologic Determinants And School Dropout . Case Of The Internally Displaced Of The Anglophones Crisis In Cameroon.
  2. Nkemajen Regina Mangoh, Topic: Perceived Psychosocial Support As A Predictor Of Resilient Behaiour Among Emerging Adults In Some Cameroon Universities.
  3. Alice Ngwa Manka, Topic: Social Perception Of Rape And Socio-Professional Ascension Of Women Raped During Adolescence.
B- Mémoire de master encadrés / Masters theses supervised
  1. Mwendo Christel Mbossi, Topic: Self Détermination And Youth Employability Of Female Graduates From Professional Schools In The City Of Douala V.
  2. Emane Emane Stephane Honore, Topic: Participation aux activités post et périscolaires et adaptation scolaire: cas des élèves de première année du lycée technique de Douala bassa
  3. Soup Wafo Gregoire, Topic: Dysfunctional Families As Influncers Of Personality Traits Of Internally Displaced Street Adolescentttts In The Douala V Municipality.
  4. Kwenchia Zaomoh Dzulefack Sonita, Topic:  The Management Of Material Resources And Teachers’ Performance In Some Selected Public Secondary Schools In Yaounde III.
  5. Ngong Aloysius, Topic:   Private Supplentary Tutoring And Learner's Level Of Engagement In Mathematics.
  6. Tegoumo Donfack Franciane, Topic: Environnement Scolaire Et Difficultés De Gestion De La Discipline : Cas Du Lycée Technique De Bafoussam.
  7. Tieh Joseph Tanya, Topic:   Thinking Skills Instructions And Académic Performance In Secondary School In Douala III.
  8. Nkwanui Musa Tachi , Topic:    Systematic Schematization Of Lessons In Mathematics And Acquisition Of Knowledge.
  9. Ndansi Silvia Timben , Topic:  Psychological Determinant And School Dropout : Case Of Internally Displayced Of Thé Anglophone Crisis In Gouvernment Primary Schools In Douala Iv Subdivision.
  10. Signé Madjoukou Céline,  Topic: Résistance Au Changement Pédagogique Et Rendement Professionnel Des Instituteurs A Douala III.
  11. Beloquia Sylvie Benazia, Topic:  Resistance To Pedagogic Appropriation Of Ict And Teachers Professional Development. The Case Of Some Selected  Government Secondary Schools In Douala V.
  12. Mfom Kom Stephane,  Topic: Appropriation Des Principes De L'apc Et Enseignement Pratique De La Philosophie Chez Des Enseignants Du Secondaire Dans Le Littoral-Cameroun.
  13. Embe Berie Beverly, Topic: Determinants Of Career Guidance And Academic Engagement Of Students With Imposed Choices. The Case Of Undergraduate Students In The University Of Buea.
  14. Bienza Aline, Topic: Intégration De L'enseignement Stratégique En Classe De Français Et Efficacité Pédagogique Des Enseignants Du Sous Système Anglophone.
  15. Ndoumba Harlow Norween,  Topic : Mobilisation Des Tices Et Performances Scolaires Chez Des Apprenants Du Secondaire Général A Douala 3 Eme Cameroun.
  16. Mbah-Fongkimeh Mafong Immaculate, Topic: Labour Market Realities And Students' Career Choices. The Case Of Thib And Iues/Insam Bafoussam.
  17. Canisia Akweka Ebaizige, Topic: The Reality Of The Inclusive Classroom And Teachers’ Teaching Ability In Fako Division , South West Region Of Cameroon.
  18. Teng Ndom Elsie, Topic: Use Of Information And Communication Technologies(Icts) In Managing Irmation Resources In Academic Libraries And The Influence On Students Academic Activities In The Buea Municipality.
  19. Ndikum Maformechi Ruth: Gender Socialisation And Carreer Choice In Technical Secondary Schools In Fako Division.
  20. Mbella Antoinette Nken: The Impact Of Instructional Materials In The Teaching Of History In Secondary Schools In The Kumba Municipality.
  21. Tabotanyi Jannet Tembu: The Effect Of Instructional Materials On Students Academic Performance In Some Selected Schools In Buea Sub-Division.
  22. Ngeh Marie Bombi: Problems Faced By Students Teachers In Classroom Management.
  23. Etoundi Etoundi Casmir Leroi: Parents Involvement And Students Academic Performance In Primary School, A Case Study Of Kumba I Council.
  24. Iya Akoni Mo-Kpeeni Wa Njume: School Climate And Students Academic Achievement In Gorvenment And Denominational Schools.
  25. Nekang Joyceline Emiefiem: Instructional Media And Its Effects On Instructional Delivery Process In Teachr Training Colleges In Kumba I Municipality.

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